Evolve Wellness Weekend
Evolve Wellness Weekend

Become a healthier, happier, more productive you.

Yoga – Meditation – Fitness – Nutrition – Life Coaching – Beach Parties

VANUATU – 25th to 29th MARCH 2020


All inclusive programme designed to teach you the mindset and skills to live a healthier, happier, more productive life.

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Swan Fit
Organic Mechanic
Evolve Partners

Your Wellness Team

Meditation & yoga instructors to health scientists & life coaches. We’ve hand-picked the best for you.

Kelly (SALA)

Yoga, HIIT Palates

Hannah (SALA)

Yoga, Meditation

Tom Swan (SwanFit)

Beach Games, Bootcamp

Ben Warren (BePure)

Nutrition & Wellness Talks

Sunniva Holt

Sunniva Holt (Life Coach)

Perspectives & Rituals Talks

Jarrod Phillips

Jarrod Phillips


DJ Marjorie

Marjorie Sinclair


Tim Phin

Tim Phin



Location – Vanuatu

Breakas Resort – Nestled amongst the palm trees, looking out over its own private beach. Breakas Beach Resort is an intimate tropical retreat where you can escape your normal busy life. A safe place where you can focus and learn.

Although cell coverage and wifi is available, we suggest taking this time to switch-off from your devices. Every now and then it’s good to separate ourselves from the dopamine-inducing notifications and learn to be present. But totally optional.

The Evolve Wellness Programme


Designed to not only educate and inspire you, Evolve will help you reconnect your inner self, discover what’s truly important to you, and create the framework for a more meaningful life.

We take a holistic approach to wellness. Using practices like yoga, meditation and fitness, coupled with nutrition education and life coaching to create a well-rounded programme that will reshape your health, happiness, and productivity.

You’re invited to participate in all events, but everything is optional.

See the full programme here

Evolve Health Retreat
Evolve festival

Music & Entertainment

Music is a core component of our lives. We escape, move and dream through music.

You’ll have plenty of chances to let loose and move to some soul-hitting sounds from epic DJs.

Tim Phin, Jarrod Phillips, Marjorie and friends will take you on a musical journey with two nights of starlit beach parties.

A special secret party planned for Saturday night.
What could it be?!

Food & Beverage

Start your day off right with a nutrient-packed super smoothy from SuperMe.

Layback on the beach sipping on a fresh coconut or dance around the pool with an Organic Mechanic kombucha.

We have a full range of healthy drinks available throughout the day.

Breakas will also have a menu of healthy food options available (Breakfast is included in your package).

Evolve Food